Upward Mobility is a program that focuses on the mobility of operational level employees, which results in

  • Improved productivity
  • Improved motivation and morale
  • Positive and performance culture
  • People use their talents in the right position
  • Increased diversity of employees
  • Succession planning
  • Vacuum for new motivated unemployed candidates


In discussions with management, Catalyx has identified some areas for improvement, including improving engagement between employees and leadership and empowering junior level employees to grow in their careers.

In response, Catalyx proposes provide the following services:

  • Job type analysis – determining job grades, optimum service periods for each job type, and minimum requirements for each role
  • Individual employee analysis – determining their productivity and attitude/commitment levels (e.g. “red”, “green” and “yellow” indicators)
  • Personal mastery/life skills training – 12 sessions of 2-hour durations per session.
  • Career guidance one-on-one sessions for each staff member – development of their personal development plans
  • Group coaching sessions on a quarterly basis
  • Development of a company employee development plan and policies and assistance with the initial implementation of this plan
  • Engagement sessions between leadership and junior level employees


The goal of these interventions will be to create a work environment that will foster greater productivity and harmony, while also enabling individuals to progress towards their career potential.

Feedback from participants who completed the UM Programme: