Catalyx has also engaged in community engagement for construction projects with developers JT Ross & Sons and Eris Properties in KZN and Gauteng. Catalyx was tasked to engage with the respective ward communities i.e., local community leaders: the ward Councilor, ward committee members and the business forums, to:

  • Facilitate cohesive engagements between developer, contractors, and communities with the aim of diffusing tensions and creating a platform for positive engagement
  • Identify and integrate small businesses from nearby communities into opportunities created by developments. Develop a database of local enterprises for contracting and subcontracting purposes.
  • Identification of the local labour pool for potential employment opportunities on site. Conduct work readiness training with local labour before they are employed on the construction sites. Tracking of local labour via a Labour Database for each community.


These community engagement tasks have been bequeathed to Welile Xaba, a previous employee whom Catalyx has mentored during the start-up of his own business.


As a People Development Practitioner & Social Change Agent, Welile is a specialist in the social and community facilitation arena and is ideally placed to assist clients, whether in the public or private sector, with project-based community facilitations and engagements.