The Scorecard

Catalyx provides consulting services around all the elements of the B-BBEE codes, namely:

  • Ownership
  • Management Control
  • Skills Development
  • Enterprise and Supplier Development
  • Social Economic Development


Our services apply to all types of organisations including, Exempt Micro-Enterprises (EMEs), Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSEs), Generic Enterprises. Clients can engage with us, prior to their undergoing verification, as a means of preparation or after verification as a means of setting out and implementing a process leading to an improved score on the subsequent verification.


Catalyx specialises in 3 of the broad-based components of the scorecard, as they speak to the overall mission of the company as a consultancy focusing on social/developmental issues. These three components are:

Enterprise/Supplier Development

Enterprise Development (ED) is perhaps the least understood and implemented of all the codes. Yet, because of its broad-based character, and the fact that it speaks to developing industry related capacity, it is one of the most effective drivers of B-BBEE. Catalyx is uniquely placed to deliver expert advice in this area. Catalyx designs and manages various supplier and enterprise development solutions for its clients, and also provides referrals to specialist service providers where relevant.

Social Economic Development

Skills Development (SD) is perhaps the single most important aspect of the B-BBEE project, in that it makes provision for the long-term empowerment of previously disadvantaged citizens. Through our relationship with World Changers Academy and prior initiatives, Catalyx has more than 20 years’ experience in the skills development environment. We have brought that experience to bear in creating product solutions to meet clients’ needs in meeting their B-BBEE obligations, while enjoying the bottom-line benefits of developing skills base of their employees.

B-BBEE Verification Services

Catalyx is not itself a verification agency. However, Catalyx can refer you to suitable agencies and has experience in working with a wide range of agencies.